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3rd Fed Bank offers competitive rates on all its products, both loan and deposit. Most loan products offer a rate reduction with auto payment from a 3rd Fed Bank checking account. We invite you to compare our rates and talk with a Green Team loan specialist or branch manager to find the product(s) to fit your needs. Click below to see our current rates.

Bank CD Rates

When trying to get the best CD rates it is wise to consider a longer fixed term for your certificate of deposits. CD’s are FDIC insured. Lock in your best CD rate today at any of our branch locations.

Bank Savings Rates

Statement Savings is your most flexible savings account option although you may find higher yielding rates on a select account that can be used as a college savings account. Our Green Youth Savings rates are competitive and designed to help our younger clients learn good savings habits. Try our savings interest calculator to help determine your annual rate of return.

Money Market Accounts

The best money market accounts today offer a high rate, transaction flexibility and earn more as your balance increases. 3rd Fed Bank money market accounts are a smart way to earn money and allow you the flexibility you need both online and in our branches.

Community Bank Checking Account

We offer the most competitive checking account rates in Philly, Bucks County and Mercer County NJ. 3rd Fed Bank is active in our local communities, with our employees serving on various committees that go towards the betterment of those communities. Trust your money with a bank that cares in your community.

Individual Retirement Accounts

We offer high yielding CD’s as an additional component of your retirement portfolio. Our Platinum Checking account, designed for our money-conscious adults age 50 and above, provides an additional CD bonus rate.*

Home Equity Loan Rates

Great home equity loans are available. Our reduced rate Green Loan is for energy efficient home improvement loans and offer interest rates 0.125% below our published web site interest rates for fixed rate home equity loans.

Fixed Mortgage Rates Today

When it comes to buying a house, you want the best bank mortgage rates for your home.  3rd Fed Bank understands that one size does not fit all, so we offer a variety fixed mortgage rates and competitive refinance mortgage rates that lower your monthly costs.  Our Green Team mortgage specialists are ready to help you get started today.

Auto and Personal Loan Rates

Personal loans often have a lower rate with a 3rd Fed savings account or certificate of deposit as collateral. We offer loans for the purchase of both new and used cars.  Concentrate on finding a car, not a loan, with our pre-approval option.

For more information regarding rates, call Green Team customer service at 1.888.918.4473 or visit a branch near you.


*Bonus CD rate can not be combined with other rate specials. Bonus interest rate is only available at the time of initial deposit into a Certificate of Deposit (Certificate of Deposit Specials are exempt). The bonus rate is not automatically applicable at time of Certificate renewal. Contact your local branch for details.

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