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Direct Deposit

When your employer sends your pay directly to your checking or savings account rather than issuing you a paper check, you're participating in Direct Deposit. These deposits arrive and are made available to you more quickly than paper checks, and can be automatically divided among different accounts based on your direction. It’s a safe, reliable convenient and easy way to bank!


Payments are automatically deposited into your account, allowing you to avoid the risk of lost or stolen checks. Whether it’s payroll, social security or a dividend check, your money will be safely deposited.


Direct deposit allows you to relax. No need to worry. Your pay is deposited into your account on time, correctly and confidentially. Most employers issue a pay stub documenting any withholdings and other deductions. Other financial sources also provide a record of deposits. And you can always use telephone banking or online banking to check that your money has been deposited.


Whether you’re out of town or just don’t want the hassle of running to make a deposit, your money is deposited directly into your account and is immediately available for your needs. And…if your account is interest-bearing, you’ll begin earning interest right away.


Getting started is easy! Click here for a form you can give your employer, shareholder relations group or government agency to get started. The form provides the payee with information regarding your account type, your account number and 3rd Fed Bank’s nine digit ABA number (transit routing number).

Go Direct - Now Available!

You can direct deposit your Social Security, SSI and VA Compensation and Pension payments safely and easily using Go Direct. Click here to learn more!

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