Online Banking


We understand that most business owners would prefer to spend more time growing their business and less time managing backroom activities. With eDeposit, you’ll eliminate the cost of courier service or employee delivery of check deposits to the bank during working hours, saving you valuable time and resources.

eDeposit (remote deposit banking) is changing the world of business and how you manage your cash flow. By bringing the bank to you, your transactions are no longer limited by location.

You can now make deposits from anywhere business happens. With eDeposit, you simply scan and transmit checks with our desktop scanner directly into your business account, minimizing preparation time and eliminating the need to transfer funds between accounts.

eDeposit allows you to make deposits from the convenience of your office. Checks are scanned and sent to the bank via a secured system. Customer shall receive same day credit for all items processed and transmitted successfully to the bank by 6:00 p.m.

This innovated technology will save you time and resources by reducing deposit preparation, courier costs and trips to the bank. Plus, there are no per-item processing fees and bounced customer checks show up faster.

Multiple locations? Not a problem. We can set up each of your offices with the eDeposit technology, allowing you to consolidate your deposits for enhanced money management. Images of deposits remain available for up to 45 days for future needs.

To learn more about this service and to schedule a free business evaluation contact one of our business development officers, call Bill James at (267) 757-8917 or Rose McMenamin at (267) 757-8911.