Online Banking

Cash Management

As your business grows, so do your banking needs and your business still needs to run efficiently. That means you need to minimize your operating costs and maximize your return on invested cash. Our Cash Management system allows you to:

  • Maintain adequate cash levels in your accounts
  • Originate a wide variety of ACH (automated clearance house) services including payroll, state taxes, federal taxes
  • Increase the safety and security of your business information

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

3rd Fed Bank offers an easy, cost-effective way to make ACH payments and review transaction information. We offer Web-based tools that can save you time and offer you secure access to information – anytime, anywhere.

You can easily process transactions such as payroll, consumer debits and vendor payments, and administer security privileges for your authorized users. Your authorized representatives receive secure access to your accounts to help initiate and track ACH disbursements and collections online.

Sweep and Zero Balance Accounts

Our Sweep Accounts enable businesses to maintain a checking account with an investment account. 3rd Fed Bank can help you determine your target balance and each night, automatically sweep money between your checking account and investment accounts as necessary. It's the most efficient way to maximize cash flow with daily liquidity to run your business.

With Concentration Cash Accounts, your business can move money from its main account to sub accounts in order to keep funds accurate and available for such things as payroll, accounts payable and tax payments.